Hva er Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is an exciting Game that is played by people of all ages for fun, healthy outdoor and indoor exercise, and calls upon players to develop hand/eye co-ordination plus strategy and a competitive spirit It is played mostly in USA and Canada, but is gaining popularity in many other Countries.

The Court size is Six Feet (6′) Wide by Thirty Nine Feet (39′) Long, Plus a Six Foot Six (6′-6″) Standing area at each End.

Normal Construction Material is Re-enforced Concrete,but can be played on any reasonably flat surface by painting the lines on surface, or using Portable Courts that are available.

The Game is Played using Eight (8) Discs made from a hard Plastic Composition, usually are Colored 4 Yellow and 4 Black. Size of each Disc is Six Inches in Diameter and Weigh no more than 15 ounces.

A Cue is used to propel the Disc to the Scoring area at the other end of the Court. It is approximately Six Feet (6′) long and has a fork at one end to hold against the Disc. Materials vary, but are all fitted with Runners that slide on the Court surface.

Any comfortable Clothing may be worn with one exception: SHOES must be Rubber Soled, and have Closed Toes to prevent injury from Discs.